Still in search of a more perfect Union

Watching “The Freedom Riders” on PBS thrust me back to the turmoil, racism, and violence of 1961 and the decade to follow.

I was left with a disturbing thought, have things changed in substantive ways today?

With the questioning of our nation’s first black President’s birth certificate, with efforts to sue and even impeach him, with voter suppression laws, with efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act, the 21st Century’s great piece of Civil Rights legislation, with anti-gay, anti-women, anti-poor, anti-middle class, and anti-immigrant sentiments very much alive, I believe times in segments of our nation are less violent but are still too resistant to the expansion of rights and liberties for all.

For me it gets down to the reality that one national party, the Democrats, are continually in search of a more perfect Union, and one party, the Republicans, are not.

A rising star

I had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with Micah Kamrass, the next Representative to the Ohio House for the 28th district.

He is endorsed by Rep. Connie Pillich for good reason. Micah is smart, aspirational, and is running for office for all the right reasons.

Ohio’s 28th district includes Blue Ash, Deer Park, Evendale, Forest Park, Glendale, Greenhills, Madeira, Montgomery, Reading, Sharonville, Springdale, Springfield Township, and a sliver of Sycamore Township.

Even though the 28th has been gerrymandered to favor Republicans, it remains one of the most competitive districts in the state. Connie Pillich was able to repeatedly defeat tea party extremist Mike Wilson. And Micah Kamrass is being challenged by yet again another tea party zealot in the namr of Jonathan Dever.

We need to continue Connie Pillich’s outstanding work for the 28th and Ohio, by electing Micah Kamrass to the Ohio House of Representatives.

Check out Micah’s impressive website. In addition to learning about Micah, you will find substantive information about his campaign and his stance on issues.

GOP attempt to look “blue”

Cleveland has been selected to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.
The Republican party has gerrymandered itself so that it can easily win U.S. Congressional seats but not the Presidency. Nice try but selected the deep “blue” city of Cleveland, OH. won’t be enough to get this anti- immigration, anti-women, anti-middle class, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-youth party to have any appeal to the vast majority of Americans in the 2016 election. Even though the convention will be held in Cleveland, on TV inside the Hall we will see a party that looks nothing like Cleveland or America.

Kamrass to carry Pillich torch

Mike Wilson (a Josh Mandel “mini-me”) has endorsed Jonathan Dever for the Ohio 28th House seat. Dever won the GOP primary, with its historically low voter turn out, by a scant 79 votes. So Dever barely represents anyone. Wilson has made a career out of unsuccessfully running against Connie Pillich in the 28th district. Connie is on her way to replace Mandel as State Treasurer. In the 28th district, we need to continue to reject the tea party tantrum politics which Wilson and now Dever represent. In the 28th district, we need to continue to reject politicians like Wilson and Dever who make us all more cynical about democracy and public service.
Let’s elect Micah Kamrass to follow Connie Pillich as our 28th district State House Representative.

Why Boehner is wrong

What we as a nation don’t need is John Boehner and the Republican Gerrymandered U.S. House to file a lawsuit (at the expense of taxpayers) against President Obama.
What we need is a U.S. House (less gerrymandered) that will work to solve the immense problems facing our nation and world.