Obamacare is working

Have you noticed the plethora of private health insurance Tv adds. Private insurance companies are now actually competing for our business. We have President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to thank for this. Obamacare is responsible for this new landscape where health insurance companies are chasing after Americans for business. All this adds up to lower premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. This is occurring despite all of the lies and misinformation launched by the Republican opposition.

How do you spell corruption?

In the final days of the 2014 campaign, Mitch McConnell throws $1.8 million of his own money into his effort to retain his seat. This smells of desperation. Looks like Alison Lundergan Grimes may have a real shot at his seat. And, how the hell does a guy who has been on the Federal payroll for 30 years, have the ability to write a personal check for $1.8 million? You and I know the answer. Do the citizens of Kentucky need any other reason to ditch Mitch?

Ditch Mitch

When America faced “the dust bowl,” our government intervened and restored the plains and promoted conservation practices to prevent a recurrence.

Today, we face a much bigger challenge. Climate change is threatening the world far beyond the impact of our 1930′s dust bowl.

What’s really scary is Mitch McConnell refuses to acknowledge that mankind has any impact on climate change.

We’ll soon be facing a global threat far more disastrous than the dust bowl if we continue to have the likes of Mitch McConnell shape our nation’s energy policy.

Science and facts should govern us

Obama on Ebola- stressing the need to be guided by science and facts. If you think about it, being guided by science and facts is a defining difference between Democrats and tea party Republicans. “This is a serious disease, but we can’t give in to hysteria or fear — because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need. We have to be guided by the science. We have to remember the basic facts.”

Our gerrymandered government

I have long maintained gerrymandering is at the heart of the reason we have an increasingly polarized and dysfunctional government.

Gerrymandering has created a U.S. House of Representatives that doesn’t accurately represent us, by a long shot. Gerrymandering has created State Legislatures that don’t truly reflect the state’s electorate (Ohio a case in point.)

Gerrymandering has been deemed Unconstitutional by The U.S. Supreme Court. Yet it prevails because it has proven difficult to prosecute.

Now a case striking down Virginia’s 3rd District gerrymandered map could have national implications.