I’ll take Hillary anyday

Our great nation’s never ending quest to become a more perfect Union has always advanced by the EXPANSION of civil rights. Today we have a slew of Republican Presidential hopefuls, led and dominated by Donald Trump, who represent anything but the EXPANSION of civil rights. Ever since America elected its first black President, the GOP has become more obstructive, gerrymandered, racist, and dangerous.

Barack Obama has ushered in a Hamiltonian era

The GOP entered the 2016 Presidential with a demographic problem. And, the anti-women, anti-immigrant, and intolerant demagoguery of Donald Trump only makes this problem worse.

Women, minorities, and the predominately open-minded and refreshingly tolerant younger Americans will elect our next President – and probably all of our future Presidents.

One case in point. Twenty eight million Latinos (more than 11 percent of voters nationwide) will be eligible to vote in the 2016 Presidential.

The GOP can’t gerrymander its way to a national win. The GOP can only do that on the State district level.

So as long as Republicans continue to select their voters (and as a result be an unrepresentative party,) choose a war over diplomatic peace, an anti- women, anti- immigrant, and anti- tolerance agenda, no Elephant will be selecting new drapes in the Oval Office.

Unlocking the door of a failed, cold war, war-mongering policy

This is what a U.S. Presidential Administration looks like that favors diplomacy over war, abolishes torture, and truly represents America’s quest to promote peace and prosperity, and to be a more perfect union. Today we raised the U.S. flag at the restored Havana, Cuba U.S. Embassy. Secretary of State John Kerry, who raised the Stars and Stripes, is the first U.S. Secretary of State to visit Cuba in 70 years. Thank you President Obama for working so hard in the last months of your second term to advance and promote aspiration, hope, justice, human rights, and peace.

Women’s health rights under attack

Ohio citizens need to know.

The U.S. Senate just voted (before going on vacation in August) on a measure to Prohibit Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The measure was rejected (53-46, with 1 not voting.)

Sen. Rob Portman voted YES.
Sen. Sherrod Brown voted NO.

Thank you Senator Brown for your vote.

Clowns can be scary

The Cleveland GOP debate is over. Calling this event a debate is ludicrous – it’s a reality TV show; it’s a circus.
Every single one of the wanna-be Presidential candidates doubled down on absolute right-wing extremism. Every single occupant of the GOP Presidential wanna-be clown car:

• Bans all abortions, no exception.

• Repeals Obamacare with no proposal for a replacement.

• Destroys Medicare and Social Security to fund more tax cuts for their rich super pac supporters.

This bunch of millionaire Republican wanna-be Presidential clowns blames all of America’s woes on working people, immigrants and seniors.

The GOP has moved so radically far to the right it’s scary. The GOP has moved so radically far to the right it’s a threat to America.

Of course all lives matter

We must be more nuanced and sensitive when re framing “Black Lives Matter” into “All Lives Matter.” Let’s not forget the reason “Black Lives Matter” was originated. Statistically outrageous numbers of blacks incarcerated.
Statistically outrageous numbers of blacks killed by our police. White supremacists spewing their hate and committing violence while waving the Confederate flag. Un artfully flipping to “All Lives Matter” can unintentionally demean, dilute, and disrespect the original purpose and power of “Black Lives Matter.”

The strongest nuclear non-proliferation agreement in the nuclear age

The United States with five other world powers reached a historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

Now it’s blow back time for the saber rattlers – particularly and most significantly in the U.S. Republican-controlled Congress.
The GOP will spew lots of stuff much of which will have nothing to do with the agreement’s single successful goal of restricting Iran’s nuclear capacity.

It will be important for Americans to listen carefully to assess what is factual and what is just opposition to all things Obama.

The ramifications of being the only nation of six to walk away from this hard fought negotiated peace agreement are unimaginable.

But unfortunately the vision of most U.S. House republicans can’t expand beyond the confines of their unrepresentative, unconstitutional, gerrymandered districts.

In this case, that’s potentially really unfortunate for America and the International community.

Let’s pray that diplomacy eventually wins out over war mongering.