How can Trump be more out of touch, inarticulate and dangerously wrong?

TRUMP AT THE SEAN HANNITY/FOX NEWS TOWN HALL Yesterday- “Q: There’s been a lot of violence in the black community. I wanted to know what you would do to help stop that violence, black-on-black crime.’ TRUMP : Right. Well one of the things I’d do is I would do stop and frisk. I think you have to. We did it in New York, it worked incredibly well. And you have to be proactive. And you know you really help people sort of change their mind automatically. I see what’s going on here, I see what’s going on in Chicago in New York City it was so incredibly, the way it worked. Now, we had a very good mayor. But New York City was incredible the way it worked. So I think that would be one step you could do.”

Millennials may not be inspired by HRC; but she is a far better fit for them than Trump

“In interviews with many of her (Hillary’s) millennial supporters, especially the former Sanders revolutionaries, they talked about her in the could-be-worse tone they might use to describe a boring but socially appropriate romantic partner. They used words like ‘capable,’ ‘well-informed,’ ‘responsible,’ and ‘qualified.’ They dutifully praised her positions on issues like abortion, student debt, mass incarceration, and climate change, while emphasizing the importance of stopping Trump and his inflammatory rhetoric.” – Michael Grunwald

Millennials take notice

Former House Speaker John Boehner, known for loving his smoke breaks, has joined the board of Reynolds American, the mega tobacco company based in Winston-Salem, N.C.” – Politico
Isn’t that interesting and revealing. Boehner, Trump and their Republican Party deny climate change, support fossil fuels and tobacco. Can they be more backward? And they oppose women’s health rights, LGBT rights, comprehensive immigration reform, protecting and strengthening social security and health care. And actively work to suppress civil rights and voting rights.

The “under-educated” Trump base probably doesn’t notice or care that on Policy, It’s No Contest

“Only one candidate is bothering to offer a comprehensive set of policy proposals. As the Associated Press reported, “Trump’s campaign has posted just seven policy proposals on his website, totaling just over 9,000 words. There are 38 on [Democratic candidate Hillary] Clinton’s “issues” page, ranging from efforts to cure Alzheimer’s disease to Wall Street and criminal justice reform, and her campaign boasts that it has now released 65 policy fact sheets, totaling 112,735 words.” The policy fight is a mismatch. You can’t beat something with nothing. And on many fronts, Trump is literally offering nothing.”
– Bill Scher

Decency trumps hate

“As this election season comes to full boil, we should remember the importance of civil disobedience to our history. It is one of the few tools ordinary people still have to organize for change. With corporations spending unlimited campaign cash, and states requiring photo ID at voting booths, it’s through protest that we loudly proclaim that we won’t be silenced … We must all confront a challenger aiming to make racism mainstream. We are called at this moment to make sure that never happens. Decency will defeat hate, but we must speak up and speak publicly.” – Janice “Jay” Johnson