Republican’s should be rooting for Rubio

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s less than lackluster performance in Saturday night’s N.H. Republican debate may reverse “Rubio Rising.”

I still maintain he represents the GOP’s strongest hand to win the White House in 2016. Despite his robot like repetitions of campaign trail talking points in Saturday’s debate, he represents the only real threat to the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee.

Rubio is smart, handsome, hispanic, and embodies a vivid generational contrast and change. So, if he beats U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in N.H., his campaign will develop real legs.

Cruz’s firebrand, religion-fueled conservatism should prove a hard sell north of the Mason-Dixon line and east of the Missouri. Rubio’s bigotry is just a bit more polished.

The GOP failure strategy

When you distill all of the GOP’s wannabe presidential candidates’ remarks, you are left with:

•an overdose of nationalism (frighteningly close to fascism.)

•an embedded, subtle, and dangerous isolationist position.

•an angry, gloomy rant about America losing out in a dangerous world.

•an anti-climate change agenda – denying the biggest threat to our nation’s and the world’s security.

A party preaching failure is not a winning party.

The real threat of Marco Rubio rising

Donald Trump is “Dead clown walking” – N.Y. Daily News. No surprise. I have always maintained that Marco Rubio is the GOP’s best choice and HRC’s worst nightmare. Unlike Trump, Rubio is young, handsome, very smart, articulate, a great debater, has an appealing hispanic personal story, and has an aspirational campaign. Marco Rubio is the real winner of the Iowa Caucus. My guess is he will out perform Ted Cruz in New Hampshire.