Of course all lives matter

We must be more nuanced and sensitive when re framing “Black Lives Matter” into “All Lives Matter.” Let’s not forget the reason “Black Lives Matter” was originated. Statistically outrageous numbers of blacks incarcerated.
Statistically outrageous numbers of blacks killed by our police. White supremacists spewing their hate and committing violence while waving the Confederate flag. Un artfully flipping to “All Lives Matter” can unintentionally demean, dilute, and disrespect the original purpose and power of “Black Lives Matter.”

The strongest nuclear non-proliferation agreement in the nuclear age

The United States with five other world powers reached a historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

Now it’s blow back time for the saber rattlers – particularly and most significantly in the U.S. Republican-controlled Congress.
The GOP will spew lots of stuff much of which will have nothing to do with the agreement’s single successful goal of restricting Iran’s nuclear capacity.

It will be important for Americans to listen carefully to assess what is factual and what is just opposition to all things Obama.

The ramifications of being the only nation of six to walk away from this hard fought negotiated peace agreement are unimaginable.

But unfortunately the vision of most U.S. House republicans can’t expand beyond the confines of their unrepresentative, unconstitutional, gerrymandered districts.

In this case, that’s potentially really unfortunate for America and the International community.

Let’s pray that diplomacy eventually wins out over war mongering.

Clown car idiocy

Wake up call for the jammed packed republican presidential wannabe clown car:

ACA repeal would add $5 trillion to the Debt within 20 years.

So stop misrepresenting and distorting the facts. You have no credible replacement for the ACA. So have the guts to stop the idiotic repeal spew and talk instead about improving and strengthening the ACA LAW.

Otherwise, you will just continue to be clowns.

No “jiggery pockery” SCOTUS rules: citizens select representatives; politicians don’t select voters

I have consistently claimed that the cause of our state and federal government’s dysfunction, gridlock, polarization, and inability to compromise is rooted in UNCONSTITUTIONAL gerrymandering.

The U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling on Monday (6/29/2015) gave me, fellow advocates of nonpartisan redistricting commissions, and more importantly, America a big win.

SCOTUS determined elected legislatures aren’t the only ones with sway over the reapportionment and redrawing of House districts. The U.S. Supreme Court decided that we the people are the true Constitutional “legislators” with the responsibility to redraw state district lines.

So nonpartisan redistricting commissions are CONSTITUTIONAL!
These commissions should be on the ballot in every state.

Nonpartisan redistricting commissions will create voting districts that are balanced, contiguous, and COMPETITIVE and will result in strengthening America and return our elected representatives to being the truly Constitutional representatives our founding fathers intended them to be.

Could IKE be a republican today?

Today 6/29 in 1956 President Eisenhower signed the Federal Highway Act, which established America’s Interstate Highway System.

As a general during World War II, Eisenhower was impressed by Germany’s autobahn system, and he decided that the United States needed something comparable. Eisenhower’s Federal Highway Act was the largest public works project in American history.

So there was a time in America when a Republican leader believed the Federal Government had an essential role to play in improving the quality of life for all its citizens.

There was a time in America when a Republican leader believed in the value of investing in projects, programs, and policies that strengthen the future of our nation.

There was a time in America when a Republican leader looked for a model of “exceptionalism” in another country.

Talk about small ball. Today’s limited-government, downsize-driven, and austerity motivated Republican party can’t even commit to properly funding the repair of Eisenhower’s now aging Interstate Highway System.

Thank God for our “rock star” President

President Obama’s eulogy at Rev. Clement Pinckney’s Charleston funeral was magnificent. The President’s eloquence was healing, motivational,powerful, and filled with GRACE.

President Obama’s significant rhetorical skills have once again helped move our great nation FORWARD.

In Barack Obama’s first campaign for the 2008 Presidency, he was mocked and ridiculed by Republicans as a “rock star” due to the fact that he was attracting enormous nation and international crowds who were drawn to his special oratorical artistry.

Well it has turned out that oratorical dexterity matters.

The meaningful rhetorical deftness of the 44th President of the United States of America has changed our nation and the world for the better. One more reason why President Obama will be remembered by history as one of our nation’s great transformational Presidents.

GOP continues shameful ACA attacks.

In the wake of The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of ACA subsidies to all qualifying Americans, on behalf of the Republican Party, John Boehner said, “We’re going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the American people back in charge of their health care and not the federal government.”


John, you’re the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and should know better. Before the ACA, insurance companies were in charge of peoples’ health care. Insurance companies discriminated against women, those who weren’t covered by employer plans, the poor, and the sick. The ACA is no Federal take over; it is based on and preserves private health insurance markets.

So stop being dishonest.

Not only is Boehner being deceptive about the facts of heal care in America, he is joined by every single Republican Presidential wannabe.
Shame on all of them. They will be punished in 2016.