Hillary isn’t a racist; Donald is

With all her flaws, she remains the only credible candidate for the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton has a lifetime record of working for the advancement of Civil Liberties for All Americans. Trump on the other hand has a record of racism and division. The Real Estate enterprise he inherited, illegally and unconstitutionally banned African American tenants.

Sports needn’t dumb us up

I like sports. I value their contribution. But I also see the lack of language comprehension they provide for a large swath of America. I observe a neighbor sitting alone in his den yelling and cheering at a basketball team on his TV rather than engage his wife or son who are in a different part of the house. One can watch a football game or basketball game and process little if any language. Sports tend to dumb up its viewers. Check out the 2016 Summer Olympics. Its all and exclusively RIO. What a missed opportunity to educate and expand understanding. It’s Rio de Janeiro

Let’s get the profit and politics out of our health care

Obamacare is only for individuals who either had no employer, military, or medicare coverage. Obamacare is for people who were on the “individual” market where they had to buy health insurance on their own. In this individual market, they were abused and discriminated against. The Affordable Care Act was targeted at this slice of America that was subject to abuse by the private, for profit Health Insurance Industry. A noble cause and many gains and improvements have been made. No piece of major civil rights legislation can be perfect out of the starting blocks. Since the GOP controlled Congress has been nothing but obstructive and recalcitrant, no work to improve the Affordable Care Act has taken place. With Hillary Clinton as our next President, repeal of President Obama’s health reform will be no longer feasible. Maybe we can have a government committed to making health care a right not a privilege.

SHAME on Aetna

America – wake up, the problem with our Nation’s health care IS THE FOR PROFIT HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Aetna has decided to pull out of all but four states where it sells health insurance on Obamacare exchanges.
Aetna is basically pulling out of a large swath of rural communities where the population produces more sick people than healthy people.

So I guess the private health insurance industry is willing to write off sick rural Americans.

So I guess the private health insurance industry isn’t an honest broker when it comes to working with President Obama to create an America where health care is a right not a privilege.

Trump’s lynch mob

Matt Dillon, of the Old West Dodge City, knew that individuals taking the law into their own hands was illegal and never to be encouraged. Because it led to unlawful activity such as the lynching of innocent victims. Donald Trump has advocated that “believers” in the Second Amendment (frightenly) take matters into their own hands. And, now he is actively recruiting citizens of Pennsylvania to police the voting sites. Maintaining (despite declining poll numbers) that the only way he could lose Pennsylvania is due to “Crooked Hillary” and voter fraud. Donald Trump exhibits the behavior of a KKK member. Donald Trump would have been arrested by Matt Dillon.