Trump, a Democrat’s dream candidate

I actually want Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination for President – because he is a product of and represents all the ugliness of the Republican underbelly. Trump is a product of a decades long GOP “southern strategy” that suppressed voting rights and divided us. Trump is the product of a Republican party that spread misinformation and nothing but opposition and obstruction. Trump is the unintended consequence of an unconstitutional gerrymandered GOP state district fiasco.
Bring him on, because my liberal Labradoodle could beat him.

Clinton has ample winning tickets

How does Clinton – Kaine sound? or Clinton – Warner sound? (Both Kaine and Warner are Senators and former Governors from Virginia.) How does Hillary Clinton – Sherrod Brown sound? (Ohio’s dynamic and progressive Senator.) How does Clinton -Patrick sound? (former Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, a prominent African-American Democrat.) And how does Clinton – Perez sound? (Thomas E. Perez, President Obama’s labor secretary and a Hispanic civil rights lawyer.)
All combinations enhance the ticket. For me, some way more than others. But I am confident and reassured that there are no such dynamic pairings that can represent and serve America better on the GOP side.

The idiocy of restroom laws

The conservative legislation and chat about restrooms exposes such ignorance, disconnection, and bigoted discrimination. A male who has transitioned “medically” to be a women, (like Bruce Jenner) looks, acts, and fully appears to be a woman. Isn’t Bruce safer in a women’s restroom? There is no need for legislation in this area. Conservative legislators need to get out of the personal sex life of American citizens. We need our elected officials to focus on the real (not cultural) issues facing our nation and the world.

A Republican Party without a moral compass

It appears that a large swath of the Republican Party do not support Donald Trump. Apparently they realize that his bigoted, bombastic, ill informed, racist, discriminatory, insensitive, and dangerous remarks are unsuitable for a President of the United States. But if Trump wins the GOP nomination and selects John Kasich as his running mate, all over America, white country club Republicans will be given cover to put a Trump-Kasich yard sign in their front yards.

Go ahead, compare the strength of America’s economy during our last 3 Presidents

Let’s not forget that President George W. Bush offered up tax breaks largely benefited the wealthy. As a result, he turned a national budget surplus into a national deficit. The 2008 great recession was also given birth to under the Republican economic policies of George W. Bush. The fiscal policies and tax plans of the present-day GOP’s presidential candidates are even more misguided, regressive, irresponsible, and dangerous.