Hitler wasn’t very funny

There was absolutely NO humor in Cleveland at the GOP National Convention. Not unlike the lack of humor at other fascist rallies in our world history. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value a sense of humor. People or organizations who can’t laugh, I avoid. I think we will see in Philadelphia at the Democratic Convention sanity, aspiration, actual specifics on how to build a more perfect union, and a healthy sense of humor.

This is what Fascism looks like in America

Looking at the Cleveland convention, the Republican party is mostly divided between those inside the hall and those who refused to come inside it. The GOP is mainly divided over whether the party should accept America’s multiculturalism or fight it.
And, judging from the Republican National Convention overall and Trump’s acceptance speech tonight, along with the crowd response (just one pitch fork away from a riot,) Trump and the GOP are frightenly Nixonian, fear mongering, war mongering and divisive. The GOP is now the Party of Trump. Now both are ill advised, scary, and dangerous. American deserves so much better.

Trump and the GOP are phony

Republican addiction to attacking Hillary prevents them for staying on message.

It appears that day 2 of the Republican Convention, which had the theme “make America work again,” is scattered, off message, and devoid of any real policy positions to promote employment. And even worse, Mitch Mcconnell, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie gave up any sense of credibility by pandering to Trump, misrepresenting the facts, attacking Hillary, and saying nothing about “make American work again.”
Trump is proving to be an empty suit; his party is proving to be shameless.

Trump and the GOP are sulfuric acid

Day 1 of the Republican Convention is ALL Vitriol. I’m sure days 2,3, and 4 will be too.
Why do I feel less safe after watching the first day of the Republican National Convention with the theme “Making America Safe Again?” The ignorance, the anger, the hate, the war mongering, expressed tonight made me feel less safe. And, to add insult to injury, the bleached and bombastic Trump comes out of a foggy set to introduce his latest trophy wife. God help us.