The GOP’s Frankenstein

“Representative” Kevin McCarthy has withdrawn from the race for U.S. House speaker and the election for the top post has been postponed.

Though McCarthy faced opposition from the tea party wing of his party, it was widely assumed he would win the initial nomination and progress to a full House vote.

Are we witnessing the disastrous, dysfunctional, and unintended consequences of a GOP gerrymandered, unrepresentative, and unconstitutional House?

I think so.

Since the U.S. House is dominated by unrepresentative Republicans who were elected from “safe” and un competitive, gerrymandered districts, there is no incentive for compromise and governing for the good of all. The same can be said about our nation’s gerrymandered State Houses.

The GOP practice of selecting their own voters has resulted in a Frankenstein. This false and manufactured creature can’t even govern itself. Why would any sane person think it could govern America?

Talk about shameless

Ky. court clerk Kim Davis is the queen of shameless.

According to the L.A. Times: “Vatican assistant spokesman Rev. Thomas Rosica said that Francis had not invited Davis to a gathering that included dozens of people and suggested that the meeting may have been manipulated by her and her lawyer. Asked if she had exploited the encounter to promote her beliefs, he replied, ‘One could say that.'”

Stuff happens

Absolutely Despicable! Jeb speaks for the entire Presidential wannabe clown car and his party: POLITICO’s Daniel Strauss reported that a day after a massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., that left nine dead and seven injured JEB BUSH said “stuff happens but that does not mean gun restrictions should be tightened.”

You bet “stuff happens” like America standing up and saying NO to the backward, dangerous, divisive, un representative, and un aspirational GOP occupancy of the White House.

I want my Governor and my President to tell the truth

JOHN KASICH has always created his own facts – a Republican tendency. On his Presidential campaign trail, he recent claim that when he “left Washington, we had a $5 trillion surplus.” Kasich last served in the House in 2000. That year, the federal government registered a $236 billion NOT a $5 trillion surplus. Kasich is either really bad at math or a liar. Either way he is shameless.

Hillary has it right!

Jeb Bush said Democrats offer “free stuff” to African-American voters. To her credit, Hillary Clinton responded that Bush’s remarks were “deeply insulting.” Clinton went on to compare Bush to Mitt Romney, “I think people are seeing this for what it is: Republicans lecturing people of color instead of offering real solutions to help people get ahead, including facing up to hard truths about race and justice in America.”