For 2016, the choice is clear

The un relentless opposition to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act by Republicans will be designated by historians as one of the major components of The Republican Party’s death spiral.

What the Republican Party fails to see is that the ACA is the 21st Century’s GREAT CIVIL RIGHTS Legislation and IT IS WORKING.

And, further contributing to the Republican national death spiral (as opposed to its phony gerrymandered district advantage) is its aggressive opposition to women’s health rights, LBGT rights, minority rights, and sensible immigration reform. And, the Republican Party has done everything possible to sabotage the international diplomatic efforts to resolve nuclear issues with Iran.

So for 2016, it’s clear, Vote Republican and bomb Iran and turn back the clock on women’s rights, voter’s rights, minority rights, LGBT rights, and let health insurance companies return to screwing with our health and finances.

In 2016, we don’t need another gun toting “cowboy” in the White House

The Republican’s hawkish position as stated today by Marco Rubio, “The United States may need to use military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” Thank God for President Obama’s diplomatic internationally supported nuclear containment efforts with Iran. Avoiding another misguided, disastrous military conflict in the Middle East, is there a more compelling reason to deny the Republican’s the White House in 2016?

Glendale can’t help itself

Glendale did zip for it’s fallen long time resident hero Daryl Gordon. But true to form, Glendale brings out the band to celebrate itself and its segregated, gossip mongering and outdated sorority garden club infrastructure.
The Glendale Garden Club’s 100th Anniversary
Mayoral Proclamation & Dedication Ceremony
Wednesday, April 15
12:00 noon
Rogan Park (at the Gazebo)
Glendale Village Square.”
The Village of Glendale is blind to its insensitive, backward, un progressive, exclusionary, and racist ways.

Even Lincoln’s assassination didn’t end the Civil War

On April 9, 1865, the surrender of the Civil War’s Confederate leader, General Lee took place. But there would be another casualty of the war 5 days later.
On today’s date, April 14, in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Even after Lincoln’ assassination, I believe there is solid evidence that the Civil War continued – and continues to today in the form of Jim Crow, segregation, and past and current voter suppression efforts.

Will Congress snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Despite all the efforts by Republicans and Benjamin Netanyahu to sabotage international negotiations with Iran, on Thursday 4/2/15, The United States and its negotiating partners – France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Russia and China reached an agreement with Iran on key elements of a framework to contain Iran’s nuclear program.

We need to support the six nation diplomatic framework negotiated with Iran.

Congress must not further sabotage these peace efforts through increased sanctions or any other diplomacy-killing legislation or action.  

Daryl Gordon a case study in what’s wrong with Glendale

The problem I perceive with Glendale can be summed up by my 3 most recent posts concerning Daryl Gordon on

The problem with the leadership of Glendale is not what they do but what they don’t do.

The handling of Daryl Gordon’s passing is a case study.

Glendale’s governing body historically has been and is so locked into a narrow point of view that it doesn’t even realize its words, actions, and in actions are offensive to Glendale’s minorities and progressives.

Glendale demotes Daryl Gordon to a traffic jam

Funeral services for fallen long time Glendale resident and Cincinnati Firefighter Daryl Gordon will take place Wednesday morning.

Due to the location of Daryl’s church and his Oak Hill cemetery burial site, his funeral procession will pass through Glendale.

An email from Glendale’s mayor turned what could have been an opportunity and invitation to honor and show condolences to one of Glendale’s greatest by turning out in large numbers on the sidewalks of Congress into a traffic problem alert.

Here’s how Glendale described Daryl Gordon’s funeral procession:

“we anticipate a massive interruption in traffic as the procession travels northward on SR747/Congress Avenue through Glendale around noontime.”

This is more than unfortunate. Can a Village administration be more ham hocked, tone deaf, disrespectful, and insensitive?

Glendale seems incapable of stepping forward out of its insular, backward, and myopic self.